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The 7 Deadliest Weight Loss Mistakes You Should Avoid At Any Cost!


Mistake No. 1 : You Are Eating Diet Foods.

This is something most people never get right. In order to get the right texture and taste, the manyfacturers of the particulare “ food “ have to take other ways to replace some ingredients that are not “ healthy” with chemicals. These chemicals are definitely not healthy and even more, some sweeteners have been reported to have a cancer causing effect. Diet foods are often more expensive as people think they are healthy, they must be good. In realtiy diet foods often are mixed with chemicals to replace some natural ingredients with chemicals that are in fact cheaper for the manufacturer.

Don´t  be fooled by the diet industry about Diet Foods, because they are actually going to make You more fat than thin.

It is reported, that artificial sweeteners were used to feed pigs to get them eat to ore of their not well tasting pig food, and to get them fat faster. It worked very well when feeding pigs, they became fat faster with artificial sweeteners in thery food.

Mistake No. 2 : Small Portions, Tiny Calory-Intake 

If you think that eating small portions will make you thin, then you are wrong about that. 

Your body is very adjustabel and it will adjust to the diet you are eating. If your intake is normally 2000+ calories per day and then you decide to reduce the intake to 1800 calories per day, then your body will quickly adjust to that and will burn that amount of calories

What this means is, that if you decide to eat less and hope you aare going to lose weight then you are dead wron there.


Mistake No. 3:  You Skip Breakfast

Skipping breakfast is deadly because this is literally the most important meal in your day. After the night your body has been not eating, for a long period of time, your metabolism is low. After you eat a healthy breakfast , your metabolism will go back up.

If your metabolism is active, it will also burn energy

So never skip a breakfast.
Mistake No. 4: Water Consumption Is Too Low 

Your body ist 90% of water that is why you need to have a healthy intake of water everyday. If you are on a diet, you shold keep an extra eye on your amount  because if you do not drink enough water, your body will start storing water, because it thinks that it is not going to get enoungh.

This is basic body  health 1 x 1.


Mistake No. 5 : Salad As Main Meal

Sure, a salad has a smaller calory amount. But after you have eaten a salad you are pretty hungry quite soon. So you do this on a dayly basis , you are lying to yourself  that you can maintain your day active and not feel hungry.
Afterall a light  meal does not make your metabolism burn your energy  as if you have eaten a good steak! A balanced meal should keep you from eating those snacks !

Mistake No. 5 : You Workaout Hard In order To Lose Weights 

Let us face it. If you are told, that the harder the workout, the more weight you lose. It is not true. Or maybe if your workout is burning 5000 calories, then maybe. But why workout too hard and not see little to zero results? 

A workout is good  for your health and it will firme up your muscles, but it does not get your weight down effectively.

Mistake No. 6 : You Are Not Setting Any Goals  <>

If you do not set any specific goal such as 7 pounds in two months, then your are not going to lose weight. Because setting goals is also very important in your weight loss jorney. It is all about setting realistic goals. If you set a goal of 30 pounds in 30 days, then it is not going to work. And you will be dissapointed afterwards and give up your whole idea of losng weight. 

If you set realistic goals that you can achieve, then it is more likely going to happen. Once it happens, the you get a positive experience and can set another goal that is going to make you even more thin

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