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Who knows more about the new non-invasive blood glucose meter from Cnoga Medical?

Has anybody already be allowed to test the

TensorTip CoG - Combo Glucometer?

Has someone already been allowed to test it ?
Unfortunately, the company
Cnoga Medical sells its  device currently only to type 2 diabetics, not to me. Of course, I've tried: - (

Honestly I have stated that I am type 1 diabetic and that was it.

This may be, because the device cannot  measure accurate the current bloodglucose value but determines the tissue sugar value.

The sugar value in the tissue or interstitial fluid (which is the fluid between the cells) 
unfortunately lags slightly behind the actual blood sugar levels.

There is a very professional video at YOUTUBE concerning this device

Cnoga Medical Glucometer

With kind Regards
                       Hugo R. Vogel
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