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Who knows more about the new non-invasive blood glucose meter from Cnoga Medical?

Has anybody already be allowed to test the

TensorTip CoG - Combo Glucometer?

Unfortunately, the company Cnoga Medical sells the device currently only to Type 2 diabetics, not to me.
Of course, I've tried : - (

The video is very professional.

An FDA approval  however should be very difficult to get for the new noninvasive device. The FDA has decided, that blood glucose meters, that measure with non-invasvie infared technology, must reach an accuracy oaf 5 %

The old blood glucose meters that work with blood glucose test strips and glucose oxidase reaction can be sold with a deviation of 20%.

And that is particularly exciting, even their new successors  working with the test strip method can be brought ot the market with an accuracy of 20% deviation from the laboratory value

Not-invasive blood glucose monitoring systems working with nearby infrared or ultrasonic technology have to overcome the hurdle of 5% if they are to be approved by the FDA.

At this hurdle the former Dream Beam, noninvasive blood glucose meter, from  Futrex Inc failed.

Click here to see the youtube video:

Here the linc to the company.

Cnoga Medical Glucometer

Picture Sorce:


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