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Prevention of Diabetes Type 1  ( IDDM) in Children with Vitamin D, Vitamin  Supplements

Can a few micrograms of vitamin D in children reduce the risk of developing insulin dependent diabetes mellitus ?

When you give young children Vitamin D supplements, then they develop not so often diabetes type 1 as   if you do not do that. This discovery was made in Finland.

1. Why in Finland?

In Finland, many more children than in other countries of the world develop a type 1 diabetes (IDDM). Because of this, the question why do they develop this disease, in Finland was very important .

Finland has the highest rate of new cases of type 1 diabetes
(IDDM) in the world .

2. But why has just Finland  the highest rate of new cases of type 1
(IDDM) diabetes?

In northern Finland, the sun in December shines for just two hours. But, for the production of vitamin D the body needs sunshine !

3. Which way did the researchers find out  that vitamin D protects against diabetes?

Researchers have observed about 12,000, in words: twelve thousand children, who were born in 1966, and found out, that those who had received the recommended amount of vitamin D , minimized the risk to develop typ 1 diabetes  80 percent compared with those who did not receive it.

4. How much vitamin D is needed to protect a child against type 1 diabetes

Nutrition experts recommend for children under six months, 8.5 micrograms ( mcg ) of vitamin D should be given per day.

They recommend that children should receive  from the age of 7 months until the age of three years 7 micrograms
( mcg) Vitamin D in order to protect them from diabetes.

5. Is it absolutely necessary to use exactly this amount of vitamin D for the prevention of type 1 diabetes?

The researchers found that there also was a decrease in the risk to develop diabetes if not exactly this amount was given to the children. In any case, there was a reduction in the risk to develop diabetes  if any vitamin D was added to the children. But if the vitamin D wast given in the prescribed amount , then the risk to develop diabetes was reduced by 80%.

6. Can vitamin deficiency in chlild hood  increase the risk of developing a diabetes later in life ?

It was found during the investigation that children that suffered  under the special signs of vitamin D deficiency had a three times higher risk to develop a type 1 diabetes later on in their lifes.

7. Are there any other findings that a vitamin D deficiency  increases the risk of developing type 1 diabetes

In animal experiments it was shown that a vitamin D deficiency increases the risk of diabetes .

8. Why does vitamin D help in the prevention of type 1 diabetes
(IDDM) ?

It is well established scientifically that the cause of type 1 diabetes is an abnormal immune system that attacks the body 's own cells instead to protect the body against viruses

In the case of type 1 diabetes,  insulin-producing beta cells are not tolerated by the immunsystem.

The researchers believe that vitamin D affects the immune system and prevents this self-destructive effect.

9. Where was the research made, and where was the research report published?

The research was conducted by Dr Elina Hypponen of the Institute of Psychiatry, London, and published in "The Lancet."

10. Where can you get vitamin D supplements?

Ask you your doctor or pharmacist

Of course, there is also a plan B, I would like to announce in this  independent counselor.

Our body can make vitamin D when exposed to sunlight itself.

It can therefor be recommended, to bring children outdoors into the sunshine on a daily basis, in a careful manner of course.  Then their body can build the vitamin D needed for their present and future healt.


Intake of vitamin D and risk of type 1 diabetes: a birth-cohort study

Published:November 03, 2001

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