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Dear visitors.
Purpose of this page is:
Sharing information for your physical and mental health even with diabetes.
From my life with type 1 diabetes.

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Cherry juice helps to prevent muscle pain after training.

Do you want to improve your health? Then you should exercise your body consequently. There is a problem, however, it may hurt the muscles, and thus create pain and the risk you will stopp after the first exercise, and never exercise again.

The blueprint by which our body is built up, is about 2 million years old. At that time  Australopitheca (A prehistoric woman in the steppes of Africa, not in Australia) had to walk wide around to find a berry for a dinner. She was probably the whole day in motion, and knew no muscles hurting, because she was moving much more than we do  nowadays. Or parhaps it was not the movement, that was goood for the prehistoric womans health, but the eating of the berries.

On June 21 2006, by the
"British Journal of Sports Medicine" an article about the effect of tart cherry juice to prevent muscles symptomes, was released to the public.

The researchers D A J Connolly, M P McHugh. and O I Padilla-Zakour have made the tests.

According to the findings of this researchers it is known since a long time, that  tart cherry juice contains antioxidants (antioxidants are oxidation inhibitors, an oxidation inhibitor is something like a rust inhibitor for a car, but in this case it is not for cars of course but for the inside of humans. It does somehow prevent, that a person does "rust" inside and thus parts of the cells are destroyed.) It is also known, that tart cherry juice contains anti-inflammatory agents ( this is a substance, that may prevent inflammation of some parts of the human body. It is something like a fire extinguisher for a car.).

The researchers have made a randomized, placebo controlled, crossover investigation.

What is that?

Randomization is, when a group of test persons  is divided into two groups.

Controlled placebo is: the group Nr.1 gets true tart cherry juice and the group Nr,2 gets water with red cherry juice taste.  Neither the true juice drinkers nor the red water with yerry taste drinkers do know what they really get.

Crossover means, that after half of the time the two groups are changed.
Then the group Nr. 1 gets the red water with cherry taste, and the group Nr. 2 gets the true tart cherry juice.

There also so called double-blind studies are made.
This means that the juice is distributed by doctors who themselfes do not know who gets the real tart cherry juice. That was not done.

Why this large effort?

One wants to prevent that someone says, tart cherry juice helps to avoid muscles pain, because he believes that tart cherry juice helpes to avoid muscles pain.

A restriction but must still be made. There were only men who participated in the study.

Does the tart cherry juice also help womens muscles pain to prevent ? That has not been explored.

That means further research is meeded.

On the basis of previous research findings however, I can advise each pearson before you begin your training, go on foot to get fresh tart cherry juice, as it has done Australopithecus.

Then you surely will remain healthy and will need perhaps not to do any training this day, because you will have to run for a very long time, until you can get true fresh tart cherry juice instead of  a mixture of water, preservatives, sweeteners and food color.

Source: Efficacy of a tart cherry juice in preventing the symptoms of muscle damage.
British Journal of Sports Medicine 2006.

With kind Regards

                       Hugo R. Vogel

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