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Vital substances ensure healthy eyes! 

Our eyes are our most important sensory organ. Approximately 80% of sensory perceptions are done through our eyes. Therefore, it is important to protect the health of the eyes preventively.  Something like this is called prophylaxis. Prevention is a behavior which makes sure that health is maintained.

Our eyes are set up like a camera. Just like a camera, they have a lens and a light-sensitive layer where the image is produced. These light-sensitive layer is called the retina. A certain part of the retina is particularly important for seeing. This part is called the macula. Macula is Latin and means spot. The macula is the part of the retina with the highest resolution of the image. In this spot the "pixels of the image are the densest. This part is important for the ability to read for example this text. If this part of the eye does not work correctly, then the best glasses are not usefull. Therefore it is important that we care for it, to deliver our eyes what they need in order to be able to work well,  if we want to see good.

But what does the macula need to do a good job for
 seeing. ?

She needs special vitamins and micro-nutrients in a balanced diet, or added as a dietary supplement medication, if you want to be sure , that you have enough of them to save the health of your eyes.

What are these micro-nutrients and vitamins and where are they coming from?

The most important vitamin required by the macula is vitamin C. It protects against infectious diseases and so called oxidative stress by free radicals. Oxidative stress is a chemical thing, unrelated to the stress someone may feel in a stressing situation. It is a chemical attack process of the sensory cells in the eye. Free radicals are also not members of a political party, but a chemical structure, with great chemical force, which attack the macula chemicaly.

We will find the means of protection against such attacks, the vitamin C,  in higher concentrations in oranges, lemons, peppers or in the German Sauerkraut.

Vitamin E is the next important vitamin, with health benefits for the eyes. Vitamin E helps to prevent inflammation. It is, inter alia, in wheat germ oil, almonds, nuts and whole grain products.

The trace elements zinc, copper and selenium improve the effectiveness of our immune system and so protect our eyes. These three trace elements are found in tomatoes, legumes, fish, liver, egg yolks and whole grain products.

Omega 3 fatty acids are important for the nervous system. As our eyes are part of the nervous system, it is important that we have these Omega 3 fatty acids in sufficient quantity in ourselves, in order to protect our eyes.
Docosa-hexan-acid (DHA), is the primary fatty acid in light sensory cells in the retina. By this cells the light is converted into nerve impulses.
Omega 3 fatty acids are föund in fish form the ocean like salmon and mackerel.

The phrase "carrots are good for the eyes" is a phrase in Germany which mothers tell their children. Is this all right?
Carrots contain carotenoids. These carotenoids, cannot be produced by the body. They are used in the macula and cause the yellow color of the macula. Therefore, the macula, is the yellow spot of the eye. The two Carotioides Lutein and Zeaxanthin are not only contained in carrots but also in spinach, broccoli and kale and in salad, corn and zucchini.

It is important that our body can absorb, the carotenoids, which we offered him from the food. The best we can do for the body is, to eat vegetables that are not stewed for a too long time. (stewed means slightly cooked with a little water until it is a little hard and not muddy).

Who wants to go quite sure that he has absorbed a sufficient amount of vitamins and micro nutrients for the eyes needs can take  food supplements, which should specifically be designed for this purpose.

With kind Regards
                       Hugo R. Vogel
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I would like to provide food for thought.

Please hink about what impulses this quote wants ro give to you, and than put the suggestion into action!

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