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Cure of Type 1 Diabetes by Autoimmune Antigen Vaccination.

The researcher Dr. Roland S. Liblau of INSERM at the Purpan University Hospital in Toulouse and the doctors Kirsten Falk and Olaf Rötzschke of the Max-Delbrück-Center for Molecular Medicine (MDG) Berlin-Buch have published that a cure of Type 1 diabetes by autoimmune antigen vaccination is possible in principle.

Their work is now published online in the American Proceedings of the National Academy of Scienses (PNAS).

It is generally accepted as a result of research that the Type 1 diabetes is a so-called auto-immune disease.

What is an autoimmune disease?
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The First Principle For Successful Weight Loss.

During my work in the German  Diabetic Association ( Deutscher Diabetker Bund ) I had especially the goal to promote the non-invasive blood glucose measurement.

However, many diabetics in the team were  interested in something else. They wanted to lose weight. Therefore, I would like to mention some of the most important rules for losing weight. These rules are important not only for diabetics.

You will not get these rules directly from a dieat coach. As soon as you know them you will not need a diet coach any more.
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Mistake No. 1 : You Are Eating Diet Foods.

This is something most people never get right. In order to get the right texture and taste, the manyfacturers of the particulare “ food “ have to take other ways to replace some ingredients that are not “ healthy” with chemicals. These chemicals are definitely not healthy and even more, some sweeteners have been reported to have a cancer causing effect. Diet foods are often < read more>


Cherry juice helps to prevent muscle pain after training.

Do you want to improve your health? Then you should exercise your body consequently. There is a problem, however, it may hurt the muscles, and thus create pain and the risk you will stopp after the first exercise, and never exercise again.

The blueprint by which our body is built up, is about 2 million years old. At that time  Australopitheca (A prehistoric woman in the steppes of Africa, not in Australia) had to walk wide around to find a berry for a dinner. She was probably the whole day in motion, and knew no
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Vital substances ensure healthy eyes!

Our eyes are our most important sensory organ. Approximately 80% of sensory perceptions are done through our eyes. Therefore, it is important to protect the health of the eyes preventively.  Something like this is called prophylaxis. Prevention is a behavior which makes sure that health is maintained.

Our eyes are set up like a camera. Just like a camera, they have a lens and a light-sensitive layer where the image is produced. These light-sensitive layer is called the retina. A certain part of the retina is particularly important for seeing. This part is called the macula. 
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