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Dear visitors.
Purpose of this page is:

Sharing EXPERI'ENCE for your physical and mental health even with diabetes.

From my life with type 1 diabetes.

 Der aufstrebende Vogel >>It does not matter if we want to have what we imagine or not. That which we imagine constantly, emotionally, and in detail, that is realized in our lives. <<

This book contains the quintessence
of my life experience

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I would like to provide you with food for thought.

How to build a loving relationship

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Body Composition Monitoring the Key to Weight loss and Weight Stabilisation.

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Determining the composition of my body
This page is especially dear to my heart.

I would like to introduce you to a "secret" that I came across after a long search for aids to maintain my health.

I found out that it is not enough for someone who wants to reduce his weight, or keep it, to know his weight, but that it is much more important for him to know his weight.
body composition.

He needs to know how high the fat content is and how high the muscle content of his body is.

But you can't tell with a normal scale.

To achieve this you need a body fat analysis scale such as the

  Tanita Composition Monitor

How would you rather tell your readers whether a sporting activity simply sweats out water or actually breaks down fat?
How do you know whether a change in your eating habits really reduces fat, or whether you have lost valuable muscles?

If you really intend to change your figure for the better, then it is necessary to determine exactly where you stand right now.

This is the first step.

This scale shows what other scales do not.
So much is muscle and so much is fat.

The Tanita BC, personal scale non-invasively shows what your body is made of.

A body analysis device shows you the actual success of your body when you have trained or changed your diet...

Body fat measurements, are

the key to treatment and prophylaxis
of type II diabetes.

The onset of type II diabetes can be aggravated.

      1. overweight
      2. lack of movement
      3. stress

For the treatment and prophylaxis of type II diabetes it is from
of great importance,

1 to reach the normal weight and maintain it.

2 to stay in motion

3 learn how to relax.

Strictly speaking, the body fat percentage and not the body weight is the yardstick for assessing the fitness and performance of the person.

The body fat percentage can be used as a yardstick for a person's state of health.

With the help of body fat measurement, the success of a fitness program and a particular diet can be monitored precisely and objectively. 

It is important that the trainer generously rewards any progress that he can accurately determine with the method of body fat measurement, i.e. that he does not save with recognition in comparison to those who try to bring his body fat percentage to a healthy level. Any progress in the right direction is worth generous recognition. 

Generously expressed praise, based on accurate readings, can motivate the user to continue with the training program and reach normal body tissue fat levels.

The technology that has helped competitive athletes to victory in competition can be used for prophylaxis and treatment of type II diabetes.

Just a few years ago, determining a person's body fat content was a very complicated procedure. Today this can be made much easier with the help of near infrared technology.

But how can the body fat content be determined with the help of light?

The easiest way to explain near infrared technology is to refer to a game that some of us played in our childhood. You know what happens when you hold a flash in the palm of your hand in a darkened room. When the flash lights up, the back of the hand glows bright red.

Experts call this a non-invasive examination. The person who sent the light through his or her hand can see the colour of the blood without having to prick his or her hand. If our blood were green, the back of the hand would shimmer green in this experiment.

The example with the flashlight shows the red glow with the naked eye. But we can also replace the eye with an electronic device that is sensitive to the incidence of light. Such a device converts light into electrical energy - just as the solar cells on the surface of a spaceship can convert sunlight into electrical energy.

Near infrared light is used to measure body fat. Why?

The human eye is able to recognize light, which is generally referred to as "visible light". Visible light ranges from violet to blue, from green to yellow to red. The visible light covers only a part of the whole spectrum.

The violet light has very short wavelengths. If you go up the spectrum to green light, the wavelengths become longer. Finally you arrive at the red light. It has the largest wavelengths that the human eye can still perceive.

If the wavelength becomes a little bit longer than that of the red light, then the human eye can no longer perceive this light. The wavelengths in this range are called near-infrared wavelengths. It reaches us much more
near-infrared light as visible light from the sun. But we don't notice that because you can't see it. You can only feel this light as heat radiation.

You know the principle of the infrared transmitter and infrared receiver from the remote control of your television. Every time you press a button on the remote control of your television, a beam of invisible near-infrared light flashes. The receiver built into your TV set reacts to this near-infrared light and changes the channel or volume.

A particularly important discovery by the researchers was that several different types of glow can emanate from an object when you send light through it. For example, the presence of fat in the human body causes a unique glow in a certain part of the near-infrared light spectrum. You can't see this glow this time, but you can measure it with optical instruments. The researchers say: fat has a very specific "optical signature".

I was inspired to write this article: 

(Brindley D N, Rolland J.: Possible connections between stress, diabetes obesity, hypertension and altered lipoprotein metabolism that may result in atherosclerosis. Clin. Sci. 77 (1989) 453-46)

2nd The Dream Beam; information booklet of the company Futrex Inc. USA for persons who participated in the screening of the non-invasive blood glucose meter Dream Beam.

3. the brochure of the exclusive distributor of Futrex Germany.

4. the brochure of the Bodymed - Center in Homburg which uses body fat measurements according to the described principle for success control in its nutrition and fitness program.

My special thanks go to the listed companies for the
Provision of the information material and their friendly cooperation in the preparation of this article.

I myself currently use a Tanita Innerscan Dual to determine the composition of my body.

If you want to see a selection then
Determining the composition of my body
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With kind Regards

                       Hugo R. Vogel

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