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How can you measure your blood sugar without this blood be taken from the body?

The easiest way to answer this question is by remembering a game, which some of us have played in our childhood. You know what happens when a flash light lightens up in a darkened room. If it is shining through the palm of your hand. The palm of your hand is glowing in red color.

This the professionals call a non-invasive examination. The person who sent the light through the hand, can thereby detect the color of the  blood, without having to hurt the hand. If our blood would be green, the back of the hand would shine in this experiment in green color.

On the example of the flash light you see the red glow with the naked eye. However, we can replace the eye by an electronic device that is sensitive to light. Such a device converts the light into electrical energy - such as solar cells on the surface of a spaceship do. They can convert sunlight into electrical energy.

In the early sixties at the Department of Agriculture in the United States one group  of researchers startet to detect light that had passed through objects of which one would normally assume that they are not allowing to let light going through them; e.g., through an apple. Although you can not see any light shining through an apple with the naked eye, in reality nevertheless a little bit of light passes through it. The brightness
d the color of that light can be determined with an optical measuring instrument.

If you cut an apple and then see that the inside is still green, then the apple is likely not eatable. Of course you can not keep the apple afterwards to wait until it is fully ripe, because it would now be lazy. Of course, such destroyed apples would no longer be able to selling.

Therefore, the scientists worked with the question: How do I measure the sugar content of an apple without making a hole into it?. It has been discovered that the problem can be solved by the light transmission method.

The reserchers let shine white light on an apple and checked with measuring equipment the color of the light that came out on the other side of the apple. If the light was yellow, then the apple was ripe. If the light was green, so the apple was sour and not ripe. Was the light brown then the apple had become foul and had to be sorted out. The technology of non-invasive glucose determination has since been applied in agriculture for sorting of different sweet fruits.

In the meantime, the application of this method in the food industry is widespread. It is determined by this method, for example, the sugar content of melons or grapefruits. Green tomatoes are measured in this way to predict how long it will take until they are red. Even whole potatoes are measured to be able to predict what color will have the potato chips produced from them.

Instead of a fruit, you can now of course hold your finger into the light beam path of the measurement apparatus to get the sugar content determined injury free. If the blood is unusually sweet, so the person is a diabetic.

A device that measures in this way the blood glucose without test strips  is called a  non-invasive blood glucose meter or noninvasive blood glucose meter.
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